Copy Right

Copyright protection is available to the author of the work from the time it is authored. However the registration under Copyright Act evidence the work so authored. CR certificate is the conclusive evidence as to the author of the work and shift onus on to the other party to prove his right on the disputed work.

Copyright Act recognises following work as protectable under the Law.

  • Artistic work
  • Literary work
  • Dramatic work
  • Software work

The common dispute relating to the copyright infringements are mainly seen in violation of rights relating to Broad Casting Organization and performers, infringement of copyright in book and clerical, software piracy, data piracy and piracy of artistic work.

As far as the criminal liability is concern the offence relating to the infringement of copyright is made cognizable and police has power to seize the infringing copies etc. The punishment for the offence range from penalty as well as fine.