1. Slump Sale and Merger: The concept of Slump Sale hasnow-a-days become popular as compared to merger or takeover. Slump Sale concept needs an extremely careful planning lack of which may land both the Seller and Buyer in taxation difficulties such as Capital gain tax; besides needing expert handling on stamp duty aspects as well. At MACE exists an expertise to plan and handle complex issues that benefit all concerned on matters of importance including stamp duty, Capital gain tax etc. Detailed commercial and legal planning for takeover is another area in which MACE has an expertise.


  1. Company Law Board / SEBI:The original jurisdiction for company disputes lies with the Company Law Board (CLB) and MACE has an expert team to deal with CLB cases and also to represent interest of company before SEBI as well.


  1. District Court / High Court:The District Court has original jurisdiction for determination of fraud and specific performance or contract and for declarations. MACE regularly deals with cases of fraudulent share transfers/share-holders’ performance agreement etc It also routinely deals with winding up and liquidation matters.