Trade Mark

Trademark now days getting highest importance and is recognized as property worthy of creating and protecting. With increase of globalization, it is necessary that the trademark adopted by the companies must confirm to the Indian laws as well as international laws and treaties. Broadly in India three types of trademarks have been recognized i.e. (Word Mark, Device Marks and Composite Marks). The marks which are in use as well as the proposed mark which is distinct in character can be registered under the present Act. The basic function in registration of trademark is Search-Application-Examination-Hearing for Acceptance- Publication-Opposition-Registration.

It is not necessary that opposition is received. The company needs to file opposition as well to protect their own trademark. This broadly consists of filing objection in TM-5 which will be replied by counter reply. Affidavit from the both the sides are required to be filed which follows with hearing and argument and issue of certificate.